Our Wedding

Event Details

Our wedding will be Saturday, Oct 6, 2012 at the Weston Gardens located at 8101 Anglin Drive in Fort Worth, TX.

Event will start at 5:30pm. Both the ceremony and reception will be outdoors in the botanical gardens. In the case of rain we will move under a large tent.

Semi-formal attire. Some sections of the gardens are paved, while others are grassy; garden-appropriate footwear recommended.

For those flying in from out-of-town, please visit our Out-of-Town Guests information page.

Our Story

Kasey and Joe met at Stanford in the summer of 2004. The exact circumstances involved Joe and groomsman Andy hosting a small party in their dorm room, to which Kasey and her friends attended for 10 minutes solely to steal drinks before heading to another (better) party. Two months later, Joe bumped into Kasey at a campus social event and remembered her name, which both surprised and impressed her enough to accept his friendship on a small, new website called “The Facebook”.

The next 6 years of our relationship were spent seemingly trying to stay as far away from each other as physically possible. Kasey moved out to New York City while Joe stayed in San Francisco. As if three thousand miles weren’t far enough, occasionally one of us escaped to India, London, Uganda, or Bangladesh to live for several months at a time, optimizing our awake time to perfectly overlap with the other person’s sleep schedule.

In year 7 we paused our normal lives to take a year-long backpacking trip through South America and Eastern Europe. During this time we spent literally every waking moment together, often in places with not a single other English speaker to converse with. We decided that spending that much time together was the ultimate test for spending the rest of our lives together. After ten months of travel, on a hotel rooftop balcony overlooking the Mediterranean in Kaş, Turkey, we got engaged.

In the end, Joe estimates he gave up only twelve drinks to Kasey’s friends during his initial dorm party. At thirty-three cents per drink, Joe feels that Kasey was well worth the four dollar investment.

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