Slight updates to the below…it’s from our first trip in 2010-2011. basically the same except we got married, Kasey quit her job, Joe worked independently. Oh, and Kasey got a new backpack that’s only 37 liters. (sshhh, i think we’re only 79 liters now. not the same ring is it?)

We tried international vacations, working and studying abroad, and weekly travel for our jobs, but have not yet scratched the travel itch. Now we are plunging in and taking off work for a year to take our time through South America and Eastern Europe.

Backpack sizes are measured in Liters, and while we definitely are not the lightest travelers out there, we are pretty proud of our 82 combined liters (Joe’s pack is 42, Kasey’s 40). That’s our starting point. We’ve strapped all 82 on and will see where we go from here.

Joe likes a good deal, LOVES cookies, and thinks honesty is the most important trait. He previously worked as a management consultant and in business development at a software startup. He recently expressed his desire to spend a night in jail and to live as a street bum, which thoroughly impressed Kasey’s parents.

Kasey is spunky ball of energy who snores in her sleep.  She´s currently on leave from her role as a business consultant where she worked in exotic locations like Milan, Bangladesh, and Pittsburgh.  She is fluent in Spanish though she´s told she has a Portuguese accent.

Whose idea was it?

Both! Despite motherly speculation that this was Kasey’s master plan and she somehow puppeteered Joe into complying, we really did come across this desire independently and wholeheartedly. It will be interesting to see what we are like together 24/7 after spending 5+ years in different zip codes.

What are your goals?

We have no principal goal, but would love time to think, read, and practice Spanish. We want to try out this new style of travel. Our plan is to avoid buying guide books, be open to all suggestions and follow whims (only calculated ones, mom!).

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