Eastern Europe Route

4.5 month trip from Berlin, Germany to Tbilisi, Georgia.

Started Apr 20, 2011 (directly after South America trip) and ended Sep 7, 2011 (after which we flew back to the US).

Transportation: Combination of trains and buses until Romania, after which it was all buses (and by buses, we usually mean minivans)

Our route:

List of European cities where we spent the night (by country):

Germany: Berlin
Czech Republic: Prague
Poland: Krakow
Slovakia: Zdiar, Bratislava
Austria: Vienna
Hungary: Budapest, Pecs
Slovenia: Bled, Bovec
Croatia: Zagreb, Grabovac (Plitvice), Starigrad (Paklenica), Korcula island (Vela Luka, Korcula town), Dubrovnik
Bosnia: Mostar, Sarajevo
Montenegro: Zabljak, Kotor
Albania: Shkodra, Theth, Tirana, Berat, Saranda
Macedonia: Ohrid, Skopje
Kosovo: Pristina
Serbia: Belgrade, Horgos, Novi Sad, Vrsac
Romania: Timisoara, Sibiu, Sighisoara, Brasov, Suceava, Bucharest
Bulgaria: Veliko Tarnovo, Sofia, Blagoevgrad, Plovdiv, Sozopol
Turkey: Istanbul, Goreme, Selcuk, Ayvalik, Assos, Canakkale, Izmir, Marmaris, Orihaniye, Selimiye, Bozborun, Dalyan, Fethiye, Oludeniz, Kayakoy, Faralya, Kas, Olympos, Anamur, Gaziantep, Kahta, Elazig, Kars
Georgia: Gori, Kazbegi, Sighnaghi, Lagodekhi, Tbilisi

§ 3 Responses to Eastern Europe Route

  • Velma Shermetaro says:

    Grandma says ‘Hello’, we are at her apt. eating pizza and looking at your blog. Grandma says to be well, she loves you both and she is looking forward to seeing both of you sometime later this year.

    Grandma really enjoyed the pics on your blog. She said you both look well.

    Grandma Shermetaro

  • Betty Alderete says:

    Wow!! Just finished reading the meditation saga. Can’t wait to hear more details in person. God bless.
    Tus abuelos

  • Joan and Chris Boylan says:

    Hi Joe, So sorry, we got home just after your phone call. I called your parent’s home right away to see how I could phone you back, but your dad said email would be our best bet. Mehmet, Nicole’s husband is from Adana. I am sure his brother Ercan /Air-Jon/ and sister Ozlum would be very pleased to show you their part of Turkey. I’ll talk to Mehmet and Nicole to see how to best put you in touch with them. Stay safe. Hugs, Joan Boylan

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